Technical Support Package

Why get deluxe support with Riafox Web?

With the Riafox Web Presence Technical Support Package, we can protect your company’s website as well as provide valuable consulting services. Your company’s website is the first thing that potential customers will see. Is the site running correctly?Do all your features work properly? Are customers receiving your companies emails?What happens if a potential threat takes control of your website and deletes everything?At Riafox, we have seen the worst happen to customers and it is devastating when someone’s hard work is destroyed in a matter of minutes. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN TO YOU! Let us give your business the peace of mind it deserves!


The Riafox Web Presence Technical Support Package comes with a variety of perks and benefits that businesses such as Real Estate Firms, Government Agencies, Law Practices, Acting Agencies, and many more private industries! When you sign up to have Riafox as your website support team, you are gaining the peace of mind that a professional team with over 100 years of combined experience will offer the best in customer service AND make sure your website is in top shape for the competitive market all businesses face! Our Technical Support Team will never say never when approached with a Technical Support task, but most importantly we will catch issues BEFORE they happen!

Hiring Riafox as your company’s Technical Support team opens up doors for your business to get advice from our highly trained Market Strategy, Web Development, and Content Marketing Managers for an hour every month! If you have ever needed advice on a future project or do not know the next step to take, let our team help you!Questions arise and it can be expensive to hire an outside consultant. NO MORE EXPENSIVE FEES! With our plan, we’ll have your company’s back!

Why get the basic support with Riafox Web?

It can be expensive to either hire an employee to manage your website, not to mention how long it takes to learn how to properly update your plugins and themes. Your website is important, but so is your budget! That is why we have created a basic Technical Support Plan.

There are still many benefits that come with our basic plan that include hosting on WP Engine servers, monthly updates to your websites plugins and themes, and monthly backups to secure your website. Not everything is covered in the basic plan, however, our customers on the basic plan receive an additional 20% off of all additional requests your company might have!

Our team is happy to help with any request, let us give you the peace of mind you deserve!

Hosting of your website through WP Engine servers

Daily monitoring of malware, bugs or issues

Weekly updates of plugins, themes and anything else!

24/7 backend security of your WordPress site

What else is included in the Technical Support Package?

  • Weekly backups of Website to ensure your website does not fall prey to hacks or malware. Our Technical Support services have stopped billions of hacks, and this package affords that same protection to your business.
  • Email and phone support with a guaranteed 1 business day turnaround on all issues that arise. (meaning that when an issue comes up we will inform you on how long it will take to fix).
  • 1 hour support / strategy session with a PM each month. We have a PM in Web Development, App Development, Brand Strategy, and Content Marketing. Need advice? Our team is here to answer your questions!


Subscription Options:


Technical Support
$ 99
/ month
  • Website Hosting
  • Security Monitoring
  • 20% Discount on        Additional Requests


Technical Support
$ 297
/ month or
  • Website Hosting
  • Security Monitoring
  • Support Team
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