Riafox Independent Contractor Program

We love working with contractors and have developed a very flexible and friendly program. Our program provides a low-risk relationship that pays well for timely and quality deliveries.  Working with us at Riafox can also lead to full time contract work or employment. 

We will present tasks to approved and available contractors based on their skill sets. We do our best to also set everyone up for success. Our project managers work diligently to make sure that tasks are detailed for contractors to make an informed decision on what tasks to accept. The things that we look for in a contractor are clear communication, timely delivery, and quality code. 

We’ve listed some common questions we receive below and you are more than welcome to ask additional questions if they’re not covered below or you would like more detail. If everything looks good and you would like to venture with us on some great projects click on the Apply button and we’ll get some info from you.

Common Questions

How much experience do I need?

Some of the tasks that we will have available can be complex and will be easier for a seasoned developer to complete in the timeframe provided. In many cases we will prefer a senior developer with 5 years of experience in web programming. That being said, we are happy to work with new coders that want to get their feet wet or expand their skillset as long as the tasks taken are completed within the designated time frame and meets our code quality review.

What code stacks do I need to know?

There is a variety of skillsets that we can provide tasks for. Our most prevalent will be MEAN oriented based in Typescript. Strong knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript are always helpful. We do also have occasion where we need Vue.JS, React or PHP experience as well.

How much time is required?

We only worry about the tasks that you accept being delivered on time. As a contractor you determine your work schedule and what is needed to meet the task requirements before the deadline.

How do I communicate with Riafox?

As a contractor you will have access to our Slack and ClickUp accounts. We also use Google Meet for video conferencing. You will be able to communicate with the project managers and other developers on the team. 

What happens if I miss a deadline?

Meeting the deadline is the most important thing in this relationship. If you are unable to meet the deadline, and don’t communicate with the Project Manager the reasons for not being able to do so, we will terminate the contractor agreement and not send any more tasks your way. Payment will not be made for incomplete work.

If I'm working with Riafox can I work on other things too?

As an independent contractor you are free to work on anything you would like and Riafox cannot and will not restrict what you work on outside of the tasks we provide you. The only restriction is that you cannot reuse the code that you write on tasks that you receive from Riafox in other projects that are not related to Riafox. If you ever feel that there is a conflict of interest, please feel free to discuss with us.

How is payment determined?

Payment is result driven rather than time driven. This means that every task that has a predetermined pricing and deadline that the task needs to be completed by. If you are comfortable with the amount being paid for the task and are confident that you can meet the deadline then you can accept the task.

How do I receive payment?

Funds are paid twice a month for completed tasks. We can either deposit funds into a designated bank account or via Paypal.